The Unofficial Talisman Computer Game

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This game is based on the original boardgame of the same name by GAMES WORKSHOPTM.

System requirements: 30MB disk space. Windows XP (works in Vista although the sound does not work as desired).

Coded in BBC BASIC for WINDOWS July 2008 - May 2009

Note: "Talisman" is under Copyright by Games Workshop, UK.

This PC game is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

All artwork, the Talisman world and the relating terms are either , TM and/or Copyright Games Workshop Ltd 2000-2007,variably registered in the UK and other countries around the world. Used without permission. No challenge to their status intended. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.

The PC .exe files and source code is owned and 2008 T Street

This game has been written as a programming exercise in BBC BASIC for Windows. Actually it is my first attempt at computer programming. Since originally publishing this version I have enrolled on an MSc in computing science. I gratefully accept donations from kind supporters of starving students.

The Unofficial Talisman Computer Game is intended to be for fun only. Please enjoy in the context of the above paragraph and Games Workshop policy on use of Intellectual Property.


The game board represents a land once ruled by a powerful wizard. The wizard is now dead, but legend has it that if anyone can make their way through the perils of the various regions and discover the wizards Crown of Command, they will be granted the power to become ruler of the land. It is this legend that has drawn here the various adventurers, each of whom seeks the Crown.

You are one of the adventurers, and you will meet powerful enemies, discover firends and magical objects, and meet strange beings on your journey. Finally, when you have gained sufficient power, you can cross the last and most dangerous region to secure the Crown of Command. But no matter how powerful you have become, your journey will have been in vain unless you have first found the TALISMAN.

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How do I play it?

(1) Right-click this link and select save target/link as.
(2) Right-click the file you have just downloaded and extract all.
(3) Run the file Talisman.exe from the extracted folder.

Whats new in version 9 ?

New characters: Dark-elf, Gladiator, Knight, Leprechaun, Ranger, Sorceress.
New monsters: Giant Worm, Harpy.
New spell: Divination.
Plus more bugs fixed - thanks for the feedback!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I get the Invalid channel error when I run Talisman.exe. What is up?

You must extract all the files from the ZIP archive once you have downloaded. Right click and select Extract all.

I am still having problems running the game. What do you suggest?

Some people have reported problems with the .ZIP archive. Try downloading again. The program requires all of the files contained in the .ZIP archive to be fully extracted. If the hiscores.dat file becomes corrupt, try running the makescores.exe program. Please let me know about any bugs that you discover.

The game doesnot recognise that I have visited the desert/crags/cursed-glade/woods etc when I have been instructed to visit that space during the warlocks quest. What is going on? Is this a bug?

The game will only let you complete each stage of the quest if you have ended your turn on the required space without losing a life or missing a turn. For example, if you are instructed to go to the desert to continue your quest, then make sure you have a water-bottle before you wander into the desert. The desert will force any character (except the ghoul) without a water-bottle (or some other means of protection) to lose one life. Whenever a player loses a life she must also skip the rest of her remaining turn and play passess to the next player, and thus the quest is not completed. You may, be instructed to go to the crags on a quest from the warlock. If you roll the dice, and become lost here, you will skip the remainder of your turn and fail that stage of the quest.

That is a very hardcore interpretation of the rules isnt it?

Yes it is. The aim was to remove ambiguity and add realism to the original game. For example if you land at a space occupied by a giant and the runesword, you must deal with the giant before you are allowed to pick up the runesword.

Are you going to implement a Networked version?

Probably not.

Can I see the source code?


How can I help?

I am looking for artists who would be willing to work for free producing original artwork to replace the artwork used in this game.

Is there a way to save a game in progress? Any way at all?

Unfortunately not yet. It would be a big job to implement, but maybe I will get round to it one day. Try leaving your PC in standby mode, or running the game through a PC emulator and use the emulators save-state function.

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You may select one of 24 characters to play. Use your special powers to beat your opponents to the crown-of-command.

You will encounter strange beings on your journey. You will make friends and fight desperate battles.

Play with up to six players.

Go to the warlock to begin your quest.

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What are people saying about this game?

So much easier to set up and play using the my son and I can play anytime! Well done!

Just to let you know your Talisman game got me through a nightshift the other night.

The game really captures the essence of the original and compliments it rather than plagiarizes.

Just wanted to thank you for your obvious hard work in translating an awesome game to the computer.

Very nice dude !! Always wanted a digital version of Talisman.

Totally fun game, thanks.

Addictive buddy sent me the link for talisman we play the board game all the time but this download of yours is freakin great i just played for three hours love it you are the man(!)

I think it is possible that your version of talisman is heads and tails better than the board game version.

Thanks, I thought this game was very cool, and made me dust off my 2nd edition, and play again!

Oh, sure!! I love this game, finally download the PERFECT computer version, and then you upgrade it!! Golly!


a loyal video game adaptation.

Playing your game. Its neat. Music is a little funny, but then I am running vista.

Man are you on the right path, lil slow in parts needs some more livlier animations but, otherwise not bad, not bad.

I have been dying to play this game again for years!!!

My two sons (aged 6 and 8 years) have dug out my Talisman 2nd edition which I purchased in the mid to late 80s and are getting right into it. They actually searched the internet and found your site and got me to download your PC version. They really love it.
I downloaded it last week and spent hours playing it with my cousins. It is much faster than the actual board game, and setting it up is much smoother than in reality, and we took advantage of both those features when my cousins mother declared the huge table that we needed to play the game off-limits. The interface and presentation are simple, but since I grew up on 8-bit games myself, and we were familiar with the physical version of the game, it did not take away from our fun.

Thank you very much for sharing this with the rest of the world!

It is as addictive as the board, even more so as you dont have to know the full rules to play your pc version! thanks a lot

Just downloaded your Talisman game. Do you want a review, or something?

I like the way you think!

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